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Yulia Mezcal - 750ml


Mezcal Mujer is a distillery, as well as a sustainable project, which takes place in the region of Tlacolula de Matamoros, in the state of Oaxaca. Ernesto Chagoya is the Master Mezcalero, in charge of creating the unique flavor of this particular mezcal, Mezcal Mujer was born in response to the demand for handmade products at a gourmet level, following that same passion was born the idea of creating the Mezcal Donna line and expressing through the bottle part of the customs and cultural essence of Mexico. The result is clearly visible in the union of taste and art, each bottle is in fact designed and painted starting from a model created by a local craftsman and turns into wealth to see, as well as to taste. The unique flavor of Mezcal Mujer comes from the maturation time that the agave requires, starting from the growth phase: Tepeztate needs 16 years, Espadín 7-9 years and Tobalá 12 years. Mezcal Mujer tries to preserve and spread a distillate that has great importance in Mexico, both for its traditional production process and for the graphic art that we find on hand-painted bottles. The distillery has an eye towards nature and the elements used to produce a quality Mexican mezcal: it contributes to the reforestation of agaves. Plants are used sustainably. The water is reused thanks to a cooling system. Firewood for fires comes exclusively from fallen trees. Plant waste is used as: compost, building materials, paper and biodegradable packaging.


Perfect transparency and brightness for this Mezcal Yulia. The nose intrigues from the beginning with aromas of coffee, coconut, sensations of passion fruit and exotic touches. Even on the palate we find the same freshness, well integrated with elegant vegetal notes.