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Three Olives Jacked Apple Vodka - 1.75L

$6899 $8999

Three Olives Jacked Apple vodka was just introduced.  After creating a Fruit Loop flavored vodka in Loopy, it appears by the name, Three-O may have just created an Apple Jacks flavored vodka.  It is one of 27 vodka flavors Three-O creates with English winter wheat and water from Lake Vyrnwy in Wales that is quadruple distilled and triple charcoal filtered.  Natural flavors are added in Lawrenceburg Indiana where is is bottled at 35% alcohol.  With the popularity of hard apple ciders, and cinnamon flavored whiskey, the timing may be just right for the first cinnamon apple flavored vodka.
The aroma is fresh sliced apple with cinnamon and a hint of Play doh.  The flavor brings back memories of Saturday mornings watching cartoons and eating a bowl of the orange O shaped cereal.  Kellogg’s later added some green o’s and amped up the orange color, but the flavor stayed the same.  Like their Fruit Loop inspired Loopy flavored vodka, Jacked Apple is a very good representation of the true cereal taste.  For those unfamiliar with the cereal, let me describe the taste of this vodka.  The sweet apple cinnamon entry builds to a candy sweet apple cinnamon peak before a mild mouth warming with a hint of vodka flavor on the finish.  If you are a fan of sweet, flavored vodka or Apple Jacks cereal, your ship has come in.  Smooth enough to drink straight, but if you prefer your vodka mixed try a Garden of Eden or a Forbidden Fruit.