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QUI 7 Year Extra Anejo Tequila - 750ml

$32999 $39999

The founders of QUI Tequila have taken a bold step in furthering their vision of bringing beautiful, aged tequila to life with the introduction of QUI Rare – a limited release 7year extra añejo tequila. The crown jewel of QUI Tequila, this one-of-a-kind extra añejo tequila has been carefully matured for 7 years in hand-selected barrels for a truly elevated drinking experience.
 QUI Rare has been carefully matured in hand-selected Tennessee Whiskey and French Bordeaux barrels for 7years to create a truly one-of-a-kind liquid. QUI Rare delivers beautiful aromas of wood, tobacco, caramel, and vanilla and the palate is full and rich. With flavors of sweet oak, toasted almond, and a hint of maple, QUI Rare has a long, buttery finish. This extra añejo’s stunning, golden honey hue is also perfectly complemented by a decanter decorated with precious gold accents to provide a truly elegant and unmatched drinking experience.
“We founded this brand a decade ago with the mission of bringing exceptional aged tequilas to market - we don’t offer blanco, reposado, or even añejo tequila - just extra añejo tequila as our goal has been to deliver the best aged tequila. Today our mission comes one step closer with QUI Rare,” said Medhat Ibrahim, co-founder of QUI Tequila.

In a nice, suede box