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Oliver Winery Cherry Moscato - 750ml


! Oliver Winery’s Cherry Moscato is a delightful blend that combines the luxurious sweetness of Moscato with the bright, fresh flavor of ripe Montmorency cherries. Here are the details:

  • Description: This semi-sweet pink wine offers a tropical character balanced by the tart-yet-juicy essence of Montmorency cherries. A hint of spritz adds a refreshing touch to every sip. It’s an easy-to-drink wine that pairs well with beach days and cozy wine nights. The low-alcohol style makes it universally appealing.

  • Tasting Notes:
    • Light body
    • Aromas of apricot nectar and honeysuckle
    • Notes of strawberry Italian ice and fresh lime
    • Juicy sweetness with a spritzy finish
    • Tart, ripe cherries

  • Pairings:
    • To-go spicy sushi rolls
    • Barbecued ribs
    • Aged, salty cheeses
    • Chocolate desserts
    • Sub in wine cocktails that call for grenadine

  • Serving Recommendation: Serve chilled or over ice. It’s perfect for enjoying on the patio, around the fire pit, or at the beach.

  • Real Fruit: Oliver Winery uses real tart cherry juice in their Moscatos, without any natural or artificial flavorings. The result is a fruity, semi-sweet wine with just enough bubble.

So, whether you’re unwinding after a long day or celebrating a special occasion, Oliver Cherry Moscato is a delightful choice! 🍷🍒 Cheers! 🥂