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Knob Creek- Fifth Floor Wood (4th floor) 9Year 10 Months Single Barrel Bourbon 120PF - 750ml

$10999 $12999

The first of 10 Knob Creek barrels from our most recent trip to Kentucky has arrived at the warehouse and is currently available to order! All of the barrels we selected are named after the floor of the Rickhouse where the barrel was matured and the dominant flavor profile. I’m starting with this particular cask because it’s the exception to this rule. In short, it’s a misprint. An error. If it were a baseball card, it would be the Upper Deck Dale Murphy reserve negative. This barrel was actually supposed to be called “Fourth Floor Sweetness” but instead was mistakenly labeled as “Fifth Floor Wood.” To be clear, there is actually another barrel coming called “Fifth Floor Wood” that was actually matured on the fifth floor of the rick house and has a very oaky character. This is not that whiskey, however.

The word “smooth” has been demonized in the booze business over the last decade, attributed to people who don’t really like alcohol and prefer it when alcohol doesn’t taste like alcohol. Nevertheless, I’m still going to use that term to describe this barrel because it’s completely apropos. This is 120 proof beast of a Bourbon that is so lush and supple on the palate you’ll be wondering if it’s actually 60% ABV. It’s DARK in the glass, amazingly rich, and surprisingly sweet for 9 year, 8 month old whiskey.