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Cyrano Roxane Blanche Armagnac - 750ml

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The Roxane Blanche Armagnac is the finest Blanche we've ever come across. There is a reason for that is that it's made in a completely different way from its many counterparts. Double distilled from 100% Colombard on Alembic pot stills, this would normally be absolute sacrilege, but in the case of creating a refined, expressive and usable Blanche it's the perfect choice. Colombard's light fragrant distillate and the extreme balance achieved through the copper pot distillation sets this special brandy apart from its competitors. We've never cared for Blanche Armagnac before, but this one is changing the game. Aromas of ripe stone fruit, sweet exotic flowers and citrus oil make for a perfectly mixable and exciting new white spirit.

The nose is fruity and floral, with orange blossoms, lime, pamplemousse grapefruit and white flowers.

The body coats the palate like honey on a spoon. Articulate and delicate flavors of lemon and fresh green apples are nothing short of inspiring! 

Ripe fresh peach is all around ROXANE, balanced by ever present lemon essential oils providing a long-lasting, pleasant acidity. 

The finish is long, dry, clean and sharp as a musketeer sword, and effortlessly elegant.