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Bong Spirit Vodka - 750ml


Sold in a one-liter, glass, bong-shaped bottle, Dutch-made Bong Spirit vodka might raise some eyebrows from your party guests. Don’t be fooled, this is one bong you want to take a sip from. The marketing gimmick might cause buyers to misperceive the brand, but it’s certainly unique. Moreover, this vodka is a premium liquor with an extra smooth finish. Distilled six times and filtered through charcoal another four, Bong Spirit has won several top-tasting awards. It’s no surprise when you consider that the recipe is over 150 years old.

This is a liquor designed to appeal to young, liberally-minded drinkers who can appreciate fine quality without having to take themselves too seriously. Designers and musicians are commissioned to create artwork for the brand’s bottles; Bong Spirits gives a new platform for the underground art scene. Jimi Beach, nightclub designer, musician and award-winning inventor, launched Bong Spirit in 2008. He decided to help showcase up-and-coming artists with his eye-catching bottles. The limited-edition designs are randomly packed into cases like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets, surprising buyers and increasing the product’s collectability. Bottle design aside, Bong Spirit vodka is best sipped in a cold martini, though you can easily swap it in for your favorite vodka cocktails.