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Barrell Craft Spirits Gold Label Bourbon Whiskey -750ml


Barrell Craft Spirits Gold Label Bourbon. Each bottle is a forbidden voyage, inviting you to explore depths of desire you never knew existed. Bask in its golden glow, and let the symphony of flavors—vanilla, dark chocolate, and sun-ripened fruits—envelop you in a heady embrace. Like an age-old love story whispered in hushed tones, its nuanced notes speak of wild adventures and passionate trysts.

Nose: The fresh and gentle notes from toasted oak are most obvious, as they add an unexpected dimension with vivid sugar cane, pipe tobacco, and toasted cinnamon. This freshness is contrasted by the earthiness of slate, tar, and cedar smoke. Fruits soon emerge, presenting rhubarb, Rainier cherry, and tamarind, before shifting to dried apricot and papaya

Palate: Candied ginger, marmalade, and northwestern hoppy beer notes speak to a foundational bittersweet profile. These are tempered by an unctuous creaminess, incorporating pina colada, key lime pie, and banana custard. Peach nectar, and cherry jam all contribute to a juicy quality whiskey at its best.

Finish: A bright pop of hibiscus and za’atar quickly yields to the cavalcade of dried and stewed fruits. As that fades some oak spices appear - sassafras, cocoa powder, smoked cinnamon, and incense.