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Comte Gaston De Lagrange VSOP Cognac - 750ml

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A slightly more unusual Champagne Cognac from the 1980s.

From her appearance, it is probably certain that this bottle of cognac is a product of the 80s, and it can be said that it is rare to leave only a little dust in more than 20 years! The body of the bottle was the popular green glass of the time, and the cap also had an iron wire seal representing high-end wine.

If you pay close attention to the label that says "Tres Vieille Grande Champagne", Grande Champagne does not need to be explained to the drinkers; But what exactly does "Tres Vieille" mean? Basically, "Tres Vieille" means "Very Old" in English, so the meaning on the label is to indicate that the bottle is a bottle of Champagne aging! But how old the water of life is, it is impossible to investigate.

When the wine is poured into the glass, it is full of aroma, with notes of violet and cinnamon; When you drink it, the wine is smooth but strong, and there is no feeling of old wine at all. The fruity sweet notes have notes of dried apricot and dried fig, accompanied by cedarwood and fresh mineral notes. The aftertaste has a sweet aroma unique to Grande Champagne, but there is still a little bitterness at the back; As if to illustrate that life is always bitter and sweet...