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Bruichalddich Black Art Scotch Whiskey - 750ml


An enigmatic alchemy which relies on nature, craftsmanship and the quiet passing of time, what happens inside each cask under cover of darkness in the depths of the warehouse remains a mystery. Black Art 11 is a testament to this elusive mastery.

Using artisanal techniques passed down from one generation to the next; the spirit is pulled exclusively from Bruichladdich distillery pre-renaissance casks which have been patiently maturing on our island home for almost three decades. The finite single malt is created in secret by our head distiller, Adam Hannett, with the recipe only known to him.

Putting our trust in Adam, he is given creative freedom to bring this incredible whisky to life. Using pre-renaissance Bruichladdich stock, Black Art 11 is unique and unrepeatable.

A chance to experiment, take risks and push the boundaries of possibility; only Adam knows what has gone into creating the precious 24-year-old single malt. The barley and cask types are undisclosed, with the final recipe a mystery.

Matured in the finest oak, this eleventh edition of Black Art showcases the captivating marriage of faith and ingenuity and we invite you to put your trust in us.